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Pursuing Stacks

LaTeX version of Grothendieck's Pursuing Stacks

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Pursuing Stacks

These files form a LaTeX-version of Grothendieck's Pursuing Stacks (PS) typescript from 1983. The files are released into the public domain. It is requested, though, that positive changes or alternative layouts are shared if they could be of help to others.


At the moment there are three PDF versions for download:

You can also download Pursuing_Stacks.djvu: the original scan of the PS typescript.


The included Makefile is set up so that all you should need is to type make if you have a recent TeX Live installation (including the pdfcrop tool). The reason a Makefile is helpful is because three pdf-files, simplex.pdf, square.pdf and globe.pdf are made only once and then only included once when compiling the main document (these contain symbols for the three main shape categories mentioned throughout PS).

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